Book your 2022 Fathers Day Special photo session with the family. (not just for dads!)


AUG - , 13, 21 ONLY!

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Fishing Adventure


20% deposit required at booking

Head on into LCPHOTO for a fun filled fishing adventure!. Bring the whole family!

  • You will arrive at our studio for you booking, please remember to be on time.
  • You will set yourself up on out wonderful immersive fishing wharf for some amazing images to be captured
  • You will receive 4 amazing full size fishing scenes with water reflection and some might even have a fish on the line!
  • You will receive a selection of closeups and candids to round out your collection
  • Images will be provided via our download gallery!
  • This package is up to 15 minutes

any questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Note: When booking your session you agree to our terms of service and release automatically, Should you not wish to agree to social posts this can be opted out by stating this on the booking notes and we double check on the day.

Our terms of service and release can be found HERE.


Who can I bring?

Bring the whole family for a mix of different photos and poses. We do not limit how many come to your session but keep in mind this session is based on time and the scene is 10ft wide so too many people can get a bit squishy impacting the composition of your portraits and ruining the overall effect of the image.The wharf is only 1.5m wide!


Do I need a deposit?

Yes, we require a 20% deposit paid at the time of booking to secure your spot.


Do I have time to get changed?

To make the most of your session time, please come dressed to be photographed. You can get changed at the studio, but this may consume part of your shoot time unless you come extra early.

What if I am late?

Please try not to be late, as this is a timed session it will consume part of your session. If we have capacity to make up the time, we will, but this is not guaranteed if there is another session straight after you.

Where can i park?

We recommend parking at the local Penrith Plaza or at the Union Street large carpark (AKA the centrelink carpark)